EMOM 12, alternating:

  • a) 8 Split Stance RDLs, left leg
  • b) 8 Split Stance RDLs, right leg
  • c) 8 Perfect Burpees

Notes Split Stance RDL: Slow eccentric, pause at bottom. Perfect Burpee: From standing, the athlete places their hands flat on the ground and kicks their feet back into a pushup position.

Strength: Deadlift

  • 3RM

TIMECAP: 20:00


15-12-9-6-3 For Time:

  • Bar Facing Burpees
    Deadlifts, 225#/155#

TIMECAP: 10:00

SCALING GUIDE Burpee: Athlete should be able to work at a minimum rate of 8 reps/minute. Scale repetitions accordingly. Scale movement to squat thrust (down to top of push-up position, then back up, without bringing chest to floor) for athletes who will see a significant drop in intensity on burpees. Alternatively, burpees to a bench may help sustain the intensity. If necessary for safety,  jump or step over a PVC pipe or empty barbell instead of a loaded barbell. Deadlift: Athlete should be able to work at a minimum rate of 15 reps/minute. Scale load accordingly. For athletes who cannot/should not perform high rep deadlifts under fatigue yet, scale movement to RDL or deadlift from box.


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