What sets CrossFit IGNITE apart from every other fitness facility is active coaching. This is simple: every athlete is treated as such – skillfully taught a range of movements and techniques, assisted, assessed and encouraged; the relationship between coach and athlete is a personal one, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all template that can be applied. Everything we do is scalable to an individual athlete’s ability. Training athletes is not something that anyone can do; it takes passion, a keen eye, integral knowledge and interpersonal skills. You will find these qualities in coaches at CrossFit IGNITE.We boast the most educated coaches in the area, and have over 50 years experience combined!!


One thing you won’t find at Crossfit IGNITE is mediocrity! Don’t expect a mindless experience where you come along and leave feeling drained. We promote real fitness as an all-encompassing experience of body & mind which is why we keep on hand an ever-expanding collection of books, journals, articles and website snippets that anyone can sit down and read.

We ourselves are always learning, adapting and passing on new found relevant information to those who are open to it, we expect the same of our athletes!
*Real fitness extends far beyond the time you spend at the gym. We want you to be accountable to yourself for taking control of the other 23 hours every day, to make informed choices and to enjoy your life by being fitter and healthier.*

Real fitness extends far beyond the time you spend at the gym. We want you to be accountable to yourself for taking control of the other 23 hours every day, to make informed choices and to enjoy your life by being fitter and healthier.

Stephen Macioci "Owner/Head Coach"

Tina Macioci "Owner"

Teacher by day, CrossFit enthusiast by night. I am a Montclair State
University Graduate in Psychology and have obtained a Masters degree at
William Paterson for Education. CrossFit is the only other think I've
found to feel as passionate about other than my love for teaching!

Barbells.....AND heels...that's my motto! I sure do love my heels BUT I may
like my Reeboks and chalky hands better! I have been into fitness for as
long as I can remember. I worked at a health club and would work out for
hours on end. Coming from a sports background, pushing my limits was
something I was use to...BUT finding CrossFit brought that to a whole new
level. I started CrossFitting about 6 years ago. I could never imagine
doing what I am doing now...and as a woman knowing you are strong, is
empowering! I am now physically fit AND mentally fit. CrossFit, Ignite to
be specific, has shown me who I am as a person and what my body could
actually handle. I am moving weights that I wouldn't have fathomed; I am
competing in competitions with a drive I've never had before, I am humbled
after almost every workout and I WANT to be better than yesterday, every
day. I have an overall positive mindset on my life and I truly believe
that it is because of Ignite. In one decision, I gained a family that is
so supportive and understanding as well as an incomparable healthy
lifestyle that I wouldn't trade for the world.

All I can say is....TRY IT. Put yourself out there and strive....you'll be
surprised at what you can do...

~ Though she be but little, she is fierce! - Shakespeare

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics 
CrossFit Endurance
Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor


James Demaria - "Kung Fu Jim" - Senior Coach

Sandra - Senior Coach

I have been exercising as long as I can remember. At the age of 16, I started lifting weights in the basement with my brother and his friends. Basement workouts were the gateway to many global gym memberships. As I studied Exercise Physiology in college, weight training became a way of life for me, eventually leading me to compete in a few body building competitions.

I am a graduate of William Paterson University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Upon graduating, I began personal training and have continued down that path for 15 years. My love for exercise led to my decision to go back to school and earn a Post Graduate Degree in Physical Education. After teaching Physical Education, Health, and Drivers Education for just one year, I realized I enjoyed Personal Training much more.

About 3 years ago, Coach Deb and Coach Vic introduced me to Crossfit Ignite. So thankful that they did! Everyday at CFI I continue to learn something new. What I enjoy most about coaching others is the excitement they get when they finally get their first kipping pull up, hit a PR, or a movement just clicks for them. I love how the community truly becomes an extended family and how each Crossfit workout can be Humbling, yet rewarding all at the same time.

  • CrossFit Coach Level 1
  • CrossFit Kettle Bell Level 1
  • USAW - Level 1


Adam Feldman - Senior Coach

Adam is a Level 1 CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor, and a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. He has been an active athlete his entire life. Playing almost every sport available at an early age to running marathons as an adult, Adam has understood the importance of being active and physically fit. Being a CrossFit Coach affords him the opportunity to share this belief with others.

Getting introduced to kettlebells over 5 years ago led Adam to CrossFit. Doing CrossFit and kettlebell workouts for himself, he started coaching and became part of the Ignite Crew. The highlight of coaching at Ignite is the ability to work with so many amazing people and watch them accomplish physical feats they never thought possible.