Before opening CrossFit IGNITE I was involved in corporate personal training and running health clubs. I was burnt out, spent, and over it. I hit a point where I said, “I am never training anyone again.” The corporate setting was not for me and it started chipping away at my true desires and goals as a person. I wanted to truly influence and help people. I wanted to create a world where people could escape free of judgement and conditions. The only expectations were your desire to be better be it through fitness or just coming to the gym and sitting and talking with a friend. The bottom line was not my bottom line. Once I found CrossFit, I knew it was the right fit for what I wanted to achieve.

Within a year I was affiliated, certified, and opening the doors to my brand new 1200 sq foot garage gym! Over the next few months my passions and interested regrew and I knew it was only a matter of time I would have to jump in the fire with both feet, and take on this venture full force. That day came when I was let go from my corporate job for “being to relational with people and not focused enough on the bottom line” Hence, I was more interested in a person’s well being than how much money they could make the gym. I still today follow that ethos.

At CrossFit IGNITE you are part of a community of like minded people, all working toward a common goal. To be better at life! We just happen to use fitness as the catalyst for that mission. I wanted to create a place where people are their truest, ugliest selves and comfortable with it. When you are here you are not afraid to cry, and definitely not afraid to laugh. You are not a mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, or wife. You are YOU! You have no gender, you have no age, You are just YOU, and we accept you for exactly who you are.

We have been through it all in the past 9 years of being open. From flooding, to deaths in the family, to young love growing into marriage. Nothing is more fun than a CrossFit Wedding!!! Trust me!

CrossFit IGNITE is the first true CrossFit gym in Bergen County / Rockland area opening in early 2009. We were the 12th CrossFit to Affiliate in NJ and still keep thriving in business and that is not due to anything but the heart and compassion the staff at CFI put forth everyday to set the plate for each of our athletes to achieve greatness. At CrossFit Ignite, you train as a group, working towards a common goal. Members and coaches support and push each other to achieve things you never thought possible. You share in not only each other’s struggles but also each other’s triumphs. The atmosphere of our group classes can not be found elsewhere. This is at the heart of what makes CrossFit IGNITE tick, what helps people succeed in meeting their fitness goals, and what keeps them coming back for more. At CrossFit IGNITE, YOU ARE family!

CrossFit IGNITE is different.

Make the commitment – contact CrossFit IGNITE to experience what it’s like to push your limits and reach your potential!