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Crossfit Ignite Kids Camp

Great News! The CrossFit KIDS and Teens program will keep running every 5 weeks with no breaks from now on!

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CrossFit for children and teens is a workout that combines aspects from gymnastics, body-weight training, such as squats and pull-ups; and endurance training, such as running, jumping and climbing ropes.

Crossfit Kids is meant to be BIG fun for all ages. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits which means less childhood obesity and all around better health for our children. The program is scale-able for any age or experience level.

Two Camp Options:

CrossFit Kids (Age 6-11)

 Tuesdays  7:00pm /  Saturdays 10:45am


CrossFit Teens (Age 12-16)

Thursdays 7:00pm / Saturdays 11:45am

5 Week Program

(This is an ongoing program that auto-renews every 5 weeks)

Only $199

(per 5 weeks)
Limited Space Available!

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