2 Sets For Quality:

  • 16 Goblet Walking Lunges, slow eccentric and good posture
  • 16 Hollow Rocks
  • 8 Single Arm Push Press/side, pause at both ends, control eccentric

3 sets of:

  • 10-12 – Band Walks
  • 10-12 – TGU Bridges
  • 3 – Back Squats

Strength -Back Squat:

  • (1) 4×3, use 90-95% of last heaviest set of 3
  • (2) 3×3 Paused Reps, use 80-85% of last heaviest set of 3

Notes: Paused reps are performed with slow eccentric, full three count pause not at the bottom, but right at parallel. Count off the pause for each other.

TIMECAP: 25:00

Met-Con: Wall Ball/Toes-to-Bar/Overhead Walking Lunge


20 Wall Ball, (20/14)

15 Toes-to-Bar

30ft Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunge, challenging weight, switch arms every round

SCALING GUIDE Wall Ball: Athlete should be able to complete each round in no more than three sets with short breaks, preferably one or two. Scale load/reps accordingly. Toes-to-Bar: Athlete should be able to complete each round in no more than four sets with short breaks. Scale repetitions accordingly. Scale movement to straight hanging leg raise or toes-to-kettlebell variation. Lunge: Weight should be challenging, but the athlete should be able to complete the earlier rounds unbroken and never go to more than two sets per round. Recommended RX: 70#/50#.


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