“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner is you” – Lewis B. Smedes

Day 12: Do a Nice Thing for Someone

The Real Risk of Forgiveness

Task: After your morning minute. Express gratitude for one person, one event/opportunity and one little thing.

Expanding on yesterday’s check-in, now we’re going to take action and do something nice for someone.

Why: Actions are more powerful than words, and an altruistic action will definitely help boost those endorphins. A simple example can be to take out the thrash without being asked.

Don’t underestimate the power of praise or a kind word to someone. If a person has repeatedly come to mind during your daily gratitude practice, why not express how much you appreciate him or her? You might feel a little vulnerable doing this, and that’s OK. Acting despite vulnerability builds courage and character.

Task 2: Whoever you are going to forgive, forgive them today. Write in your journal for 10 min. Everything that person did to you. Get it all out. Tear these pages out and put them to the side.  Now on a new piece of paper write down how you forgive them. In full detail. Let it go.

Take the pieces of paper your tore out of your journal. Burn them and never look back.

Task 3: (If needed) Task 2 was pretty heavy. If need be, Meditate or go for a walk or a run alone. Decompress, cry, sing, whatever. Its time to allow yourself to heal.

Listen to this for some guidance