Day 13: Recognizing Common Humanity

Task: After your morning minute. Express gratitude for one person, one event/opportunity and one little thing.

Ask a stranger how his or her day is going? Socially distancing of course. This may be a bit difficult for some of us being that we are quarantined. But you get where I am going with this. Try to take a moment and recognize the community around you.

Why: Too often in life, we’re super busy and rushing from one job to the next. We forget that the barista, check-out person or cashier at the gas station is a human whose life is rich with dreams, hopes, troubles and worries.

When we take a couple of seconds to acknowledge the humanity of another, we improve our sense of connection with the world. This is the antidote to disconnection, which is linked to depression/anxiety.

 Task 2: Take a deep breath. Reflect on whatever you’d like during today’s training session.

Perform 30 minutes of a walk, weighted walk, run, bike, swim, stair climb, jump rope,

punching bag, etc. (Try a combination of any of these if you’d like.) If you listen to something make sure there is no singing or lyrics. Piano music, meditation music, calm sounds etc. Pay attention to where your mind goes.