” Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible” – Miguel De Unamuno

Day 14: Clean One Item Away

Task 1: In addition to your morning minute and your morning journaling (still doing that right

Make your bed

Task 2: Clean one item away. Seems too easy right? Clear one item away. Bonus points if you’ve been putting it off for months

Why: Our physical world has an impact on our mindset/mental well-being, and cleaning our environment actually de-clutters our mind as well. Why one thing? It’s part of building a habit of success (and most people don’t just stop with one).

Congratulations, week 2 complete! That is 14 days of mindfulness! Now its time to pull it all together and really create a solid morning routine.

Task 3: Before you go to bed tonight, I want you to set your alarm for 1 hour earlier than when you intended to wake up. After you set your alarm, I want you to get your journal out and your mindfulness sheets and set them up in a quiet place. If you drink coffee, get all that prepared so it doesn’t tap into your alone time. Tomorrow marks day one of your full morning routine. Meditation, mindfulness and preparation. This will take some time to really get down to a perfect science for you but it’s a start.  You will do this each night before you go to bed. Each time trying to set your self up to be more efficient.

Morning routine tips