“The reason you’re suffering is you’re focused on yourself” – Tony Robbins

Day 16: Rearrange Your Apps

Task 1: Morning Routine (does not have to be in this order, just do all) (45-60min)

This should be done alone and in quiet. My noise canceling headphones have been a life saver.

Morning Meditation – (10min)

Move – (5min)

Silence – Sit and do your morning minute (1-2min)

Journal – Set your timer and write for 10min *3 gratitude’s + anything that comes to mind* (10min)

Read – Set your timer and read anything you choose for 10 min *No blogs or social media* (10min)

Plan – Break out your mindfulness sheets or planner and set your intentions for the day. (10min)

Write about “What has improved in my life recently?” Today, thank the people in your life who have helped you get where you are today.

Task 2: Spend a few minutes rearranging the apps on your phone and deleting apps you don’t use or that don’t serve you.

Why: We all spend a lot of time on our phones. By rearranging the apps, we create more awareness each time we use it. If you move social apps back a few screens, it gives you time to determine if opening is a good use of your time right now. Instead of scrolling, why not take another minute to improve your mindfulness? Or you could put your shoes away where they’re supposed to be!