“The essence of self-discipline is to do the important thing rather than the urgent thing.” – Barry Werner

We will never know what the future will hold for us, so it is important to learn how to remain grounded in the present. When we think ahead, our mind automatically creates scenarios about what may happen–many of which probably will not actually come to pass. Understanding that we will swing between one extreme and another when thinking about something that isn’t part of our lives can help us look toward the future as something exciting without focusing on what can go wrong. By staying with the moment today, you will have less concern about your future.

Day 19: Write a Letter to Your Present Self

Task 1: Morning Routine (does not have to be in this order, just do all) (45-60min)

Meditation – (10MIN)

Move – (5min)

Silence – Sit and do your morning minute (1min)

Journal – Set your timer and write for 10min *3 gratitude’s + anything that comes to mind* (10min)

Read – Set your timer and read anything you choose for 10 min *No blogs or social media* (10min)

Plan – Break out your mindfulness sheets or planner and set your intentions for the day. (10min)

Task 2: Handwrite a letter to your present self from your future self. What advice would you give? What reassurances would you give?

Why: This is a powerful exercise that builds your confidence and ability to self-soothe. When we write (pen is preferred, but you can type), we clarify our thoughts. We get to crystallize our concerns, which paradoxically lowers the power they have over us. We get to set our long-term intentions and improve our actions because we’ve been comforted and guided.

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