Are you living in alignment with your personal goals and values? It is easy to fall off track with goals and commitments when you do not define exactly what you want in life, what your values are, and what your goals are. When we are defined it is easy to say things like “this situation is in alignment with my life” or “this opportunity is not in alignment with my goals or values.”  We know that to change anything in our lives it all must start with ourselves. It is much easier to take action to change when we have a defined plan. With a defined plan you now have confidence to take action and move out of your comfort zone. You suddenly have clarity of values, your path is illuminated and you are confidently prepared for anything that comes your way. The best part is life has a trap door. There is no failure, only opportunities to learn and grow. My question for you today is, “How are you choosing to live your life?” Are you choosing to live the fulfilled life you were destine for or are you choosing to be “Busy” as a distraction from growth. Physical health and mental heath go hand in hand. One aspect can not achieve its fullest potential without the other. Today I encourage you to trust your instincts and abilities and take action to define exactly what you want in your fitness journey, as well as your personal journey.. If you need any guidance or help defining your goals please CLICK HERE to set up a one on one Goal Setting appointment with me today.