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Our world-class coaches aren't in this for the money. They care about you as a person inside and outside the gym. They're eager and prepared to do whatever it takes to get you to your goals and challenge yourself to be a better person.
You couldn't be in better hands.

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"I joined Crossfit Ignite a little over a year ago. I was grossly out of shape and was in poor health. I was very apprehensive and didn't know what to expect. What I found was a great group of regular guys and girls who encouraged me and helped me accoplish fitness goals I never thought possible. The coaches are the greatest, they work with everyone no matter their ability, equally helping you become stronger, faster and more flexable all while making sure that you perform properly to avoid injury. They will scale a work out to your ability without any hesitation. I've lost 45 lbs and have never been in better shape. We do enjoy going out and having some laughs, and we will support our fellow teammates, because it truly is a team helping you accomplish your goals. Hope to see you there." - Phil A. 


Every one of these people will go above and beyond to see you succeed. 

They are your biggest cheerleaders. 



I found CrossFit in 2008 and immediately knew it is what I wanted to pursue. At the time I was involved in boxing and training athletes. CrossFit introduced a time aspect, a self-awareness to your output threshold, and it was just down right FUN...! I fell in love at first WOD and have not looked back since.

Fast forward 9 years later, YES 9 YEARS! I am still as much in love with the idea of CrossFit and owning a CrossFit Gym as I was in the beginning. Ignite has shown me so much about people and my self. The amount of blood, sweat and tears that I have seen run through the gym over time is something I am truly proud to be a part of. It is more than fitness for me, it is about positively influencing each and every person who walks through that door.

We all feed off each others passions and weirdness. I like to call it the land of misfit toys. We all have our “stuff” we deal with, but TOGETHER we are a supportive community of like minded people ALL working TOGETHER as one unit to make EACH OTHER the best we can be. For that I am forever grateful. To be able to play that part in peoples lives is something I do not take for granted. Every day I am thankful I can wake up and be around people who truly have a selfless invested interest in me and others.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was a child. I was always trying to start something, from my first venture stealing golf balls off the golf course then trying to re-sell them to the golfers, to opening CrossFit IGNITE, to now running my own DIY vinyl record label.

I love art, and music is my passion. I grew up skateboarding and attending punk rock shows on the Lower East Side of New York City at a young age and I am still heavily involved with that scene and culture. The values I learned in that world are the foundation of who we are at CrossFit IGNITE. We do not run with the pack, we are out of step with the world!


Sandra Marini

Level 1 CrossFit Coach 
Kettlebell Coach 
US Weightlifting Coach

I have been exercising as long as I can remember. At the age of 16, I started lifting weights in the basement with my brother and his friends. Basement workouts were the gateway to many global gym memberships. As I studied Exercise Physiology in college, weight training became a way of life for me, eventually leading me to compete in a few body building competitions.

I am a graduate of William Paterson University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Upon graduating, I began personal training and have continued down that path for 15 years. My love for exercise led to my decision to go back to school and earn a Post Graduate Degree in Physical Education. After teaching Physical Education, Health, and Drivers Education for just one year, I realized I enjoyed Personal Training much more.

In 2010 I was introduced to Crossfit Ignite by a couple of friends. So thankful that they did!! About two years later I began coaching. Everyday at CFI I continue to learn something new. What I enjoy most about coaching others is the excitement they get when they finally get their first kipping pull up, hit a PR, or a movement just clicks for them. I love how the community truly becomes an extended family and how each Crossfit workout can be Humbling, yet rewarding all at the same time. Crossfit Ignite has become my sanctuary.

Favorite movement: Cleans
Favorite Wod: Fran/Helen

Least favorite movement: Squat snatch
Least favorite Wod: Isabel

When not doing Crossfit I like to spend as much time outdoors as possible… preferably in warm weather!!



Level 1 CrossFit Coach
Kettlebell Coach 

While I've always enjoyed playing sports and being in a team environment, I always had that drive to see what I can do…personally…to prove something to myself.

Studying Kung fu certainly puts that focus and drive to the immediate test, as any martial art will. Reality hits you quite literally in the face if you’re not 100% focused!! 

After practicing for many years, I felt the need to be better conditioned for my art. Enter Crossfit Ignite. From the day I walked in, I knew my life had changed. I found it to be quite like the study of Kung fu, in the way we are studying “motion” rather than just “lifting”. I also found that crossfit immediately brought your mind into focus, as if you are not mindful of what you are doing, reality will hit you in the face!!

When I was offered the opportunity to Coach here, I jumped at the chance! I truly enjoy coaching, teaching and learning. We all have different reasons and goals for being here, so I love helping everyone who walks through our doors try to achieve their goals, no matter what they are.

I love being a Coach and an athlete here, learning, studying, and training with some of the most knowledgeable coaches and people I have ever been around. It truly is an honor.



Level 1 CrossFit Coach 
CrossFit Kids Instructor 
Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

One of my favorite inspirational quotes is, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style,” by Maya Angelou. This fits my life motto pretty accurately.

While I was attending OCCC, I decided to take the personal training course as well. That was eleven years ago and it is still one of the best decisions I have ever made. Helping other people set and hit personal goals is truly enriching. Through personal training, coaching H.S volleyball, and teaching self-esteem boot camp for teenage girls I have learned a tremendous amount.

I came to Crossfit three years ago and it has been a thrilling and humbling experience. Crossfit Ignite gave me a sense of community I was yearning for and now coaching for them has fulfilled a desire to continually help people. I am currently finishing up my bachelor’s to become a Registered Dietitian at EMU. I'm also Crossfit level 1 and Crossfit Kids certified! I look forward to many more rewarding years at CFI.



I’ve been an athlete all my life and started lifting weights to supplement my athletic endeavors at 15 years old. I played lacrosse at West Point and was as an Infantry officer in the Army for 11 years. I trained and led Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was a Ranger Instructor. I then served 6 years in the Army Reserve before retiring. In the Reserves I was an instructor and the lead trainer for our detachment’s physical training program. In the

I discovered CrossFit in 2008 after returning from Iraq. After diving deeper into the art and science of CrossFit I was hooked. I love coming to the gym and pushing my limits and I love seeing others around me do the same. I loved seeing my Soldiers learn and grow, and it’s the same every class at CFI. At Ignite it’s not just about working out hard, it’s about having fun and improving at life.

My favorite quote: Relish the challenge of overcoming difficulties that would crush ordinary men (Mark Twight)

Passion in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style,” by Maya Angelou. This fits my life motto pretty accurately.


"Truly the best gym in the area.  The coaches are highly knowledgeable and go out of their way to help educate members on proper technique and training.  While some other gyms are fairly intimidating, Crossfit Ignite has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. A great place to get fit, meet some great people, and just have a good time!" - Tom D.