Growing up I was always involved in sports. Besides enjoying the competitive aspect of the game, I oddly enough enjoyed the fitness aspect of it all as well. The idea of pushing myself and my teammates to be better kept me motivated and determined. After playing soccer in high school, I continued my soccer career at Rowan University where I studied Health and Physical education. After seventeen years of soccer, it was finally time to hang the cleats up! I was lucky enough to have a best friend/teammate who persuaded me into trying CrossFit once my senior year season had come to an end. Fall of 2016 I tried one CrossFit class and I never looked back! CrossFit has allowed me to become stronger, mentally and physically, as well as provide me with a different challenge everyday. As a coach and an athlete at Ignite, it is truly fulfilling and rewarding watching others reach their goals within the gym as well as improving their overall lives!

“You’ll have to work very hard, harder that you’ve ever worked before. It will be tough. It’ll hurt. You might fail a thousand times before you make it. Others will beat you in competition. But I can assure you, if you keep your head in the game and train harder than you think you can, the reward will be sweet in the end.”

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