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I first discovered Crossfit in 2011 while visiting a close friend on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. While surfing every day for weeks I found myself deconditioned by the pounding of the waves. I then got turned onto CrossFit training and started spending one hour each morning training in and not before long I was able to hang with the best of them out in the water!

Having been a competitive wrestler throughout middle school and high school I have always been a gym nut. Even well after wrestling I started to focus on body-building style training but then found Crossfit and realized it was a perfect fit. I soon fell in love with gymnastics and olympic lifting within Crossfit. I combined that with a passion for helping people and it wasn’t before long that I started to focus my energy on sharing my knowledge of Crossfit with others. Having completed my Crossfit L1 and L2 I soon started olympic lifting training with some of the best around the world.

I have been with Crossfit Ignite since 2011 first as an athlete then mentored by Head Coach Steve to become a coach and soon after became part of the coaching team at CFI.

“I have trained all over the world, at some of the most renowned boxes and found that CFI holds something others miss the mark on. It is the one on one intimate coaching and time spent with the athlete whenever possible to make them a better, healthier, stronger athlete. CFI’s strong sense of community is bar none!”

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