Specialty Classes

Get a great strength and conditioning workout in with any of our Ignite Express (HIIT) and CrossFit Kettlebell Classes! Also included in your membership is access to any of our other specialty programs like ROMWOD (AKA Sunday Yoga) and Open Gym.

Ignite Express

Ignite Express consists of involves short bouts of high intensity exercise with equal or less amount of rest times. HIIT (High intensity interval training) will improve overall conditioning and strength with non-intimidating workouts that anyone can do. Great for all types of fitness levels, From beginners to advanced.

Kettlebell Class

Come learn all the basic moves while having a great cardio and strength workout. CrossFit Kettlebell is open and challenging to all levels of fitness.  Workouts are performed “circuit style” with little or no break between rounds – offering maximum calorie burn in excess of 800-1000 cal.

Open Gym

Included in an Unlimited or Hybrid membership is over 12 hours of Open Gym time 7 days per week. We also offer extra programming for athletes looking to step up their game.


Anyone with a Private Coaching, Hybrid, or Unlimited membership will have access to a group yoga-style mobility and recovery class. This class is focused on increasing your range of motion while maximizing recovery with breathing and relaxation techniques.

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