I know you have heard it all before, but the beginning of the new year is a great time to measure priorities and map out how you want to go about attacking goals in 2018. I believe everyday is a new beginning where I get to start brand new and attack my goals, BUT something about the change of the year speaks volumes to our focus and drive. Take some time to review your last year. What was good, what was “bad”, where could you do better? I know, I know, I know. “New Year New You, we have heard it all before Steve”. Guess what, you have heard it all before because its TRUE and it WORKS. How does it work? Self Discipline. How do you gain self discipline? Starting NOW! Not tomorrow, not in a week, NOW.. Seriously RIGHT NOW! What is your plan tomorrow? What time are you waking up? What time are you going to bed? What are you wearing? What are you eating? Are you working out, If so what time? What can you do so you aren’t late?

Smaller decisions have chain effects on your day.  Decisions like not planning, eating crappy food, continuing to drink alcohol after the party is over, always dwelling on the negative side of every situation, procrastinating, all have compounding effects way into your life’s future.

Very commonly, yet unknowingly, these smaller decisions lead to a chain of effects that will negatively effect us. A heavy meal will lead to feeling slow and unproductive. This will lead to poor leadership and decision making. This will cause problems that need precious time to get fixed and important tasks in our lives to go unfinished. Chances are it will most likely lead to stress, guilt, and the blame game which will then lead to making poor decisions again that will continue this negative cycle.

On the other hand the same goes for positive disciplined decisions. Small little decisions to take action and do or not do build upon one another. Then all of a sudden some time goes by and results start to sprout. Its not about the grand-slam home run. Its about the small steps in the process all forming one by one to create the path for you to walk on and grow. Its not about the end result because if you ask anyone that is successful in anything they will tell you. They never stop growing, never stop taking action and always work toward progression.

This year I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, take action on trying to find your passions, your why. When you start making small mindful steps toward a positive lifestyle its amazing how ideas and goals present themselves. Its so easy and we make it so hard. You will always find an excuse why or why not, and you will always have guilt and remorse with any major decision. We can not live life on feeling alone. When you are disciplined to your plan, this creates the clarity we all need to succeed.

If you would like some help setting some goals or creating a positive routine in your life, please check out the 1 on 1 Goal Setting Sessions I just started and lets tackle this together TODAY!.