"Believe in the process"

I have to thank the most amazing group of people I have encountered at Crossfit Ignite. From the coaches that are super supportive and motivating to the membership which feels more like a family then fellow gym members. The last year for me has been life altering! In November of 2015 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with an A1C of 6.9. The doctors told me I couldn’t change the course of the disease because of genetics. I spent two months going from medicine to medicine which just didn’t work for me. All while spending numerous hours in the big commercial gyms trying to find a nitch, waiting on lines for equipment and listening to others talk on their cell phones while “working out”. Finally a close friend recommended this crazy thing called “Crossfit”. I spent about a month watching videos and evaluating if this was for me. I got the nerve to give it a go. I started with Kettle Bell classes and shortly after finding myself in elements class. So what was so life altering to me you may ask? Well the last year I accomplished things that I thought as a 46 year old where from my past. I have set, accomplished and CRUSH`ed many of my goals! My A1C is now a 5.5 (pre-diabetic), I lost 25lbs and am as strong as I was as a college athlete. Crossfit Ignite with their “Believe in the process” teaching philosophy, family orientated environment and meticulous scheduling of workouts are the ones to thank.

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