3 Sets:

  • 3 Clean Pulls
  • 3 Power Cleans from Knee
  • 3 Cleans
  • 3 Power Jerk
  • 3 Split Jerks

Notes Perform at least first two sets with empty bar. Optionally add weight for remaining set.

Strength: Clean and Jerk

  • 1-1-1-1,
  • 3×1

Notes Build over the first four sets to a challenging but not quite maximal weight. Use 90-95% of that weight for the remaining three sets.

TIMECAP: 20:00

Met-Con: Handstand Pushup/Romanian Deadlift

Every 2:00 x 10, alternating:

  • a) 10 Handstand Pushups, challenging variant
  • b) 10 Romanian Deadlifts

Notes For clarity, the workout looks like this: start at 0:00 with 10 handstand pushups. Once the athlete finishes the set, they rest until the clock hits 2:00, then they perform 10 RDLs. Rest until 4:00, then HSPU, etc. For both exercises, select a variant/load which challenges the athlete, but allows them to maintain excellent and controlled mechanics. Handstand Pushup: Select from strict with deficit, strict without deficit, negatives (reps may need to be reduced to stay within clock), kipping, Box L Handstand Pushup, or Box Handstand Pushup negative. Romanian Deadlift: Weight should be selected for the athlete to perform unbroken sets with controlled eccentric and excellent mechanics. A decent metric is to use 80-85% of their top C&J from today.