4 rounds of

  • 10 TGU briges R/L
  • 10 Bandwalks R/L
  • 3 Back Squats – adding weight per round

Strength: Squat

  • 3-3-3,

then accumulate 15 paused reps at 20%of today’s heaviest squat

Notes Build over the first three sets to a challenging but technically sound set, leaving one good rep in the tank. Paused reps are performed at 20% less than today’s heavy set of 3. Slow eccentric, full three count pause not at the bottom, but right at parallel.

Met-Con: Squat Snatch/Burpee

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 10 Squat Snatch, 95# / 55#
  • 20 Burpees


SCALING GUIDE Squat Snatch: Athlete should be able to work at a minimum rate of 5 reps/minute with good mechanics. Scale load accordingly. Scale movement to power snatch + overhead squat, or just power snatch. This workout is a good opportunity for athletes who have not barbell snatched in a workout before to doing so – consider reducing the reps and allowing yourself to slow down and focus on your technique,  Burpee: Athlete should be able to work at a minimum rate of 10 burpees/minute. Scale repetitions accordingly. Scale movement to squat thrust (down to top of push-up position, then back up, without bringing chest to floor) for athletes who will see a significant drop in intensity on burpees. Alternatively, burpees to a bench may help sustain the intensity