I have been reading a lot about visualization lately.  I even worked some of this into my coaching with a few of you over this past week to see how it works 🙂 Sorry, but know I’m always testing things out on you guys hahaha.  The whole idea is to take a moment and think about what you are about to do.  The action you are about to take.  Run it through your mind completing it in the most perfect state you can imagine.  One example is while doing the barbell snatch. For some of us, this can be really confusing.  Especially, when you know what is supposed to happen, and it seems impossible to tie it all together.  Aside from drilling and practice, visualization can be applied and be very helpful.   Next time you are about to try for a lift, take a second and close your eyes and visualize exactly how you want it to go down.  Picture yourself from the start of the movement (the snatch for example).  How you are holding the bar, what your body looks like in the set up, how you will breathe?  How you will start the first pull into the second pull?  How do you dream your body looks like firing at full extension in perfect form and, how you will drop under the bar with perfect stability and grace.  Make it happen in your head for a moment before you do it in real life.  See what happens.   It really is extraordinary that it actually works.   I’m not saying you will become a gold medalist in one day just from one thought.  This puts you in a way more focused state where you have a plan in your mind and you SEE where you want it to take you.   This also applies in life.  What are your goals?  Even further, what are your DREAMS!  What makes your heart skip when you have a fresh cup of coffee running through you and you’re driving alone?   These fantasies aren’t really that far from reach in my opinion. What makes them seem so far away is our mindset and how we talk ourselves out of it.  One of the best things I have heard lately is: “You aren’t afraid of failure, you most likely are afraid of success!”  WOW let that one sink in.  We fear that it could actually happen!  That we could actually achieve our dreams.  But, then what?  Then you realize that it takes hard work, it takes discipline, it takes motivation, and courage.  It forces you to face some really hard crap in our minds that we have suppressed and avoided for years.  It’s very scary to step outside our comfort zones.   Fear can consume you even after one single step.  BUT, here is where the magic happens.   For example in a CrossFit met-con, that 10 second count down you may want to puke.  During the WOD  you want to quit.  When its over HOW HAPPY ARE YOU!? You feel great! You are excited!  You most likely say, “that wasn’t as bad as I thought” or “I could of done that even faster”.  Life is the same way.  I challenge each of you, the next time you start day dreaming about that fantasy life, stop for a second and embrace it.  It’s your mind, no one can see in it and judge you.  Run with it!   At first you will want to puke when the fear sets in- but close your eyes and really take on that dream life. Visualize exactly what you would do – How you would go about your day? How would you speak to people? What would your mood be? Think about what would you be doing and EXACTLY how you would do it.  You are going to be surprised where it goes when you release the thoughts from your mind and let your heart take over.  You may catch yourself sitting there crying tears of joy at one point. Guess what? That is your “Why”,  that is who you are inside and, that is who and what you were made to be. Don’t be afraid to face the challenge.  CrossFit is a challenge, yes it is a workout, but it is so so much more. It’s a strategy for the mental. You are stronger than you think and sure as hell strong enough and intelligent enough to take on anything in this life.  Once you have a plan and an understanding of what you TRULY DESIRE. Visualize your goals.  Embrace them.  Make them happen. Remember, self discipline breeds confidence, which breeds motivation,  which breeds action. That cycle continues and gets stronger the more you embrace and follow it.

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Discipline and Motivation to take Action.

Discipline and Motivation to take Action.

I have been dwelling on these words a lot the last few months. They are very powerful, but also very dangerous. “Hot” words I like to call them. I find as a whole people LOVE to use the words Discipline, but really have none. Action, but rarely take any outside of their comfort zone and over compensate being “busy” as action.  Motivation, yet again being “busy” is not motivation. Often what I see is its avoidance from what truly needs to be done. Sorry to inform you, being BUSY is not the same thing as taking action.


Lets think about ourselves for a minute now. Where do we lack TRUE discipline, motivation and action? Usually its not where we think it lies. Confidence is the key here. Where are we the least confident in ourselves and I guarantee you that is where you lack the most. This pain point is what makes you stress eat, or need to drink every evening, or give you reasons to not show up at the gym. Here is the annoying thing about all of this, Without SELF-Discipline you will never find confidence. Without SELF-motivation, you will never see results. Without SELF-Action you will NEVER ever achieve your goals. It all starts with daily discipline. Self discipline breeds confidence, which breeds motivation, which breads action, which breeds better discipline, which breeds more confidence, which breeds more motivation, which breeds TRUE action.  ITS ON YOU to create the positive cycle.  Do you realize that every day you are given a chance to break this cycle and break this chain of chaos? EVERY DAY!


News flash. Its not your parents fault you cant do or be what you dream about. Its not your spouses fault you never achieved your true dreams and passions, and it sure as hell is not your kids fault you never pursued them. Those comfortable lies are such BULLSHIT. IT IS YOUR FAULT! You allowed yourself to get where you are, and its on you to get yourself out of it. Stop the blame game, stop the negative reasons why you cant and start recognizing all the awesome reasons why you can. If you had a shitty childhood, thank your parents for being who they were because that adversity made you the awesome motherfucker you are today! “But Steve if I didn’t get married when I did or had kids I’d be doing (fill in the blank)”.  Stop it, seriously. Take ownership of your choice, recognize the amount of knowledge and strength you gained from having that life style and apply it to your goals and passions. What happened to your fight!? What happened to your dreams?! I don’t accept this and neither should you!  You are amazing! I see it in you, the other coaches see it in you. WHY DON’T YOU!.


Discipline, motivation, and action are not hard to achieve. Its just like working out. Its just quiet simple actions done daily. Create a morning or evening routine. You need to take time to yourself, for yourself, everyday to become the best spouse, parent, and human you can be. If you wake up and go to bed and the first thing you think about is how you suck, or how someone ruined your day/life, or everything you didn’t achieve the day before. Whoa man, you are your own worst enemy.  But here is the best part. Its all a choice. It is all a-disciplined-daily-choice. Its not super easy. It wont happen in a day or in a week. However one day you will do something special and THAT is the light-bulb moment. WOW! I am not what I think I am! I don’t create my identity in my past any more.  I actually love me and that silly fucking love handle on my side. I rule!


It all comes down to this. You are stronger than you think. You are better than you realize. You deserve to be happy and feel good everyday. Repeat that last sentence again. “I DESERVE to be happy and feel good everyday” repeat that until you believe it. I believe it, I need you to believe it.


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