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Even Huddy

I completely restructured what I was eating in the morning from cereal and milk to a protein source, veggies, and a smart carb. I was extremely mindful even though I didn’t do everything perfectly, I still saw results....

Mike Thompson

Chris proved to me I can follow good eating habits while living a chaotic work schedule...

Stephanie Mennella

Lost 4 pounds and gained 1-2 pounds of lean muscle mass. I lost weight and gained strength. (Perfect) I accomplished my goals and stuck to a more traditionally keto/low-carb diet. I learned to control my eating urges more during the kickstart. The a...

Kerry Portilla

I’ve been working with Chris the past two months on a nutritional plan to drop weight.  Not only have I dropped a few pounds, but I feel great, and my energy levels have immensely improved!!  He gives his all and works with me as an individual to tail...

John Kidon

Working as a team with my wife was fun. Having her with me helped significantly....

Meghan Sockloff

I’ve taken huge steps towards goals. Learned to eat well, by incorporate protein into meals. I know where I should be and what I should be doing. I’ve learned how to be sustainable. Very helpful, absolutely. I didn’t experience a lot of success o...

Catie Leahy

Working with Chris for individual nutrition coaching is amazing. He listens carefully to my goals and creates a unique plan for me with small, realistic changes that are sustainable long term. Throughout our time working together I have learned so much mo...


So I’m competing in the CrossFit Open. Which is a little like saying I’ve taken up SCUBA diving without a breathing apparatus. There are few people less equipped for any type of athletic competition than I. Which is probably why it’s my first ever. ...


2 years at CrossFit IGNITE

I have to thank the most amazing group of people I have encountered at Crossfit Ignite. From the coaches that are super supportive and motivating to the membership which feels more like a family then fellow gym members. The last year for me has been life...


4 years at CrossFit IGNITE

Having bad experiences with gyms and never being an athletic person made me extremely nervous about signing up for crossfit but I can say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Crossfit has pushed me out of my comfort zone in so many levels...


5 years at CrossFit IGNITE

In November 2012 a few days before my 40th birthday I stepped outside my comfort zone and entered into 33 South Maple Avenue. It was unlike any Fitness Gym I have been to before, there weren’t rows of treadmills and ‘nautilus machines’, and mirrored...