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Every one of our amazing members has one thing in common: 

They face the real challenges life throws at them. 


It's not about how much you can do in the gym, it's about maximizing your potential outside the gym. 


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    Joseph Labarbara

    I heard about CrossFit and I was concerned it might not be for me because it seemed to be more for extreme athletes. The first class I attended the coach and the members that day were very supportive, patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging (and still are). I was never pressured to be at the level of the other athletes. For five years now I have been at the weight I should be at, my blood pressure and cholesterol are good and the doctors and nurses no longer ask me if I am a smoker and ask if I am a runner because of my low heart rate. I came to CrossFit just looking for a good workout and I have gained so much more. We get along so well that you feel like you are working out with family and longtime friends. 
  • Karla Corona

    Having bad experiences with gyms and never being an athletic person made me extremely nervous about signing up for crossfit but I can say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Crossfit has pushed me out of my comfort zone in so many levels. Not only physically but mentally as well. I came to CFI as a shy, scared, little Mexican girl, who was struggling to make friends in a new country and now I walk through those doors with amazing confidence and feeling this gym like my home away from home. Growing up I was always self conscious about my body and thanks to this amazing community I’ve learned to love myself more than ever. I’ve learned that my short legs can do AMAZING things. Who would have thought that they would be squatting more than 250lbs?? I did not, that’s for sure! And that’s exactly why I love crossfit. It shows you what you are made of! It has taught me that being strong and look strong is OK! I no longer strive to be a skinny woman. Now what I want it’s to improve myself everyday and do things I thought were impossible for me. I still struggle with many movements at the gym but that’s fine! That is exactly the reason why I come back day after day. I want to prove myself that I can do more. This mentality has helped me to overcome many obstacles in my personal life. A lot of times I think that if it hadn’t been for crossfit and the true friends I met here at CFI, I would’ve thrown the towel long time ago!

  • Rick Marsh

    I have to thank the most amazing group of people I have encountered at Crossfit Ignite. From the coaches that are super supportive and motivating to the membership which feels more like a family then fellow gym members. The last year for me has been life altering! In November of 2015 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with an A1C of 6.9. The doctors told me I couldn’t change the course of the disease because of genetics. I spent two months going from medicine to medicine which just didn’t work for me. All while spending numerous hours in the big commercial gyms trying to find a nitch, waiting on lines for equipment and listening to others talk on their cell phones while “working out”. Finally a close friend recommended this crazy thing called “Crossfit”. I spent about a month watching videos and evaluating if this was for me. I got the nerve to give it a go. I started with Kettle Bell classes and shortly after finding myself in elements class. So what was so life altering to me you may ask? Well the last year I accomplished things that I thought as a 46 year old where from my past. I have set, accomplished and CRUSH`ed many of my goals! My A1C is now a 5.5 (pre-diabetic), I lost 25lbs and am as strong as I was as a college athlete. Crossfit Ignite with their “Believe in the process” teaching philosophy, family orientated environment and meticulous scheduling of workouts are the ones to thank.

  • Sarah McTasney 

    There are few people less equipped for any type of athletic competition than I. I wasn’t graceful and was barely proficient. But it was moving and inspiring to work out with people at every level who were all pushing themselves to their own limit. Today I did The Crossfit Open Workout. Walking lunges with 20 lb barbells balanced on my shoulders make me look like I’m trying to fall over. I could barely do one. For proficient athletes that was only the first part of the workout. But for me? I fought for every lunge. Every. Single. One. I dropped the weights. I had to start over. In those 12 minutes, people I didn’t know cheered me on from the sidelines. When the workout was over I burst into tears. And the people I didn’t know hugged me and told me how well I did. For the record, there’s nothing quite like doing the ugly cry in front of strangers. CrossFit Ignite has undone many years of childhood gym misery for me. Of thinking I was less than, not good enough, not fast, not strong. I’m still not strong or fast but I’m now surrounded with people who think I can be more and who are determined to stand by me, to help me and coach me to help me get there. Thank you to the people of CrossFit Ignite for making every workout worth it, to Coach Steve for his never-ending patience, and to my first ever favorite coach Matthew Apol for teaching me to do more, get better.

  • Keith B. 

    Hands down the best Crossfit gym in Northern New Jersey.  

    This location is perfect.  It's not too big and it's not too small.  Some boxes can be overwhelmingly large (while amazing to an experienced x-fitter - can be a bit intimidating for new comers).

    On to the coaches: In addition to Steve and Tina as the head coaches and owners (who are simply amazing people and coaches), each and every one of the other coaches are truly the best coaches and people you could possibly know.  

    You will never.  Ever.  Find another box with these coaches and members. This isn't Crossfit Southie or Brooklyn - there is every age, race, color and size at this gym.  And each is equally welcome and treated as family. If you are shy - don't be! Sign up for elements, show up, meet Steve and the coaches and in 2 classes you will know everyone and be laughing your ass off and throwing up at the same time!



    George E. 

    I am 55 years old and tried all types of gyms and never could stay consistant.  I have been at Crossfit Ignite for 4 years now and I am in the best shape of my life.  You have a choice of a few Crossfit gyms in the area, but you will not find one that makes you feel more wanted and friendly competition then Ignite.  All the people you workout with are very supportive and the coaches are great.  Be prepared if you try it out that you will never step in another gym again.
    Must give it a try if you want to get in the best shape of your life.


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