Stephen Macioci

Owner / Ceo
Stephen Macioci


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor
  • USA Weightlifting Coach
  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified


I found CrossFit in 2008 and immediately knew it is what I wanted to pursue. At the time I was involved in boxing and training athletes. I would always create high intensity workouts for my self to keep my muscles strong and mobile, body building was making me to stiff, Circuit training we called it at the time. Once I found CrossFit it put specific parameters around what I already believed in. CrossFit introduced a time aspect, a self awareness to your output threshold and it was just down right FUN!.. I fell in love at first WOD and have not looked back since. Fast forward 9 years later, YES 9 YEARS! I am still as much in love with the idea of CrossFit and owning a CrossFit Gym as I was in the beginning. Ignite has shown me so much about people and my self. The amount of blood, sweat and tears that I have seen run through the gym over time is something I am truly proud to be a part of. It is more than fitness for me, it is about influencing and positively infecting each and every person who walks through that door. We all feed off each others passions and weirdness. I like to call it the land of misfit toys. We all have our “stuff” we deal with, but TOGETHER we are a supportive community of like minded people ALL working TOGETHER as one unit to make EACH OTHER the best we can be. For that I am forever grateful.  To be able to play that part in peoples lives is something I do not take for granted and every day I am thankful I can wake up and be around people who truly have a selfless invested interest in me and the people around them.

Favorite movement or WOD? I love doing Turkish Get Ups.. I can be a bit stubborn about my expectations from people with this movement because I believe in it so much.  Balance, Stability, Mobility and Strength. It is just beautiful.

Least favorite movement or WOD? Any WOD that takes over 10 minutes!! I am by far not even close to the top athletes in our box.. Expect me to be cursing and sucking wind right next to you on the gym floor saying “why are we doing this?”….

What do you like to do outside of CrossFit? I have been an entrepreneur since I was a child. I was always trying to start something, from my first venture stealing golf balls off the golf course then trying to re-sell them to the golfers, to opening CrossFit IGNITE, to now running my own DIY vinyl record label. I was meant to always be a Do It Yourself Guy.  I love art, and music is my passion. I grew up skateboarding and attending punk rock shows on the Lower East Side of New York City at a young age and I am still heavily involved with that scene and culture. The values I learned in that world are the foundation of the ethos of who we are at CrossFit IGNITE. We do not run with the pack, we are out of step with the world!

“We do not create an identity in our past failures”

“I was early to finish, I was late to start, I may be an adult BUT I’m a minor at heart!” – Minor Threat

“Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light” – Osho

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